Monday, July 14, 2014

Teach For India - Kids day out

The Teach For India kids having a great time celebrating Hard Rock Cafe New Delhi Founders Day..

We celebrated HRCs founders days at all their outlets in NCR with partners Teach for India. 

These were all 4th and 5th class girls from MCD govt schools in Saket. Most of them living in a not so good locality of Khirki Village, which overlooks the lavish and grand Select CityWalk mall with just this road in between, dividing the classes. 
Infact most of them had not been to any mall before this, let alone enjoying the hospitality and gastronomical delights of a great place of like HRC.

The only difference between me (when I was at their age) and the them is that thanks to being a Army brat, I was got my education at one of the best schools in Delhi and my parents paid for tuitions/ IIT coaching if and when required. 
Infact I think that’s good mistake of mine of not making it to any great engineering college. No offence to a billion engineering friends. I haven’t heard of a person doing any wonders in their field of engineering in India. The ones who are super successful are either doing it (wonders in engineering) for a 1st world country or are into Finance or Marketing. 

I was attending boring yet the most intellectual discussion among the officers all the time. From discussing global economy to national politics, yes Army officers love to do that post couple of drinks. 
And yes I was getting this exposure at the age of 15 (a moment when your are not so young to go watch TV in the ‘Mess TV room’ with the kids but not old enough to start drinking and enjoying these heavy duty discussions). 

And still I never bothered to really study too hard but thanks to a good upbringing and exposure I now proudly call myself a Business Analyst - Investment Banking with the Information Technology Industry. Now wonder how many of them these girls will achieve something like that. Or would you or I would have achieved if we were born in a poor family. 
All this disparity because they were born on the other side of the road.
You can have look at the pictures and would surprised to know that all these girls are well spoken in English, very disciplined, smart and get great grade in their class. Only difference between their class section and the other section is that they are getting a great quality education thanks to Teach for India, its fellows and the Team. 

This only goes to prove that in spite of the same school and same economic background but a better quality of education, there is a sea of difference in the level of confidence, grades and understanding of the topics with its real life implicational and uses. Its not just mugging up fact and factory producing 99%er. No offence Sarthak Agarwal. 
Its just that we were born in an country where one has to get 90+ or you are a looser. And unfortunately what can we do since we are just too many and also running only in a few known directions. Parents still hesitate to send their kids to non engineering/medical/financial domain. 

And before you write if of as an article to promote some one. Let me be very clear Yes I am trying to promote one thing - the fact that you could help make somebody’s a little life better. So just do it, in whatever ways its is comfortable to you. And please don’t give self-assuring reasons to I dont have the time, thats just some bullock's excreta. 
There’s always time to do the good thing. Infact I feel sorry that I dint think and act on these lines before but I guess its never too late to be able to help someone. 

Life is unpredictable and it would throw some curved balls once in a while but the fun thing in to keep on going and doing great stuff that brings you real happyness (apologies for the spelling mistake here). Its not the air-miles but the smiles that matter.
One of the girls towards the end of the day told me that I will have my birthday party here one day (remember we were celebrating HRC birthday). This brought a mile long smile on my face after a very long time. See atleast this girl got that exposure and may be some day soon she would invite me for her birthday party there. (Anything for free food) This is the joy am talking about.

Please contact me for any CSR tie ups and specially Hospitality-Partnerships etc.
Also I would like to mention the great work all the TFI folks are doing specially Annie James to take me in the team and guiding and supporting me all the time.

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Rahul Yadav
Volunteer - Hospitality: Development 
Teach for India