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Cancer is a taboo in itself. A positive outlook and a never give up mentality can bring back any individual from the clutches of cancer to the real world once again. Mrs Vandana Mehta has proved this statement in every way possible and has emerged to be a true Yoddha.

Mrs. Vandana Mehta, a computer programming school teacher in Delhi was living her normal smooth life, balancing between work and family, raising her two sons and getting them settled. After fulfilling her responsibilities towards the society and as a mother, she set out sailing with her husband, a Merchant Marine Captain. She traveled all around the world enjoying a care free life.

Mrs. Mehta managed to maintain a good health and exercised regularly even while traveling. Being a connoisseur of health related topics herself, she was careful about her weight and diet. But fate had something else in store for her. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Faith is a very potent weapon they say, which helped her become a YODDHA.

She went through 6 months of aggressive chemotherapy and was very particular about the weekly doses. She practiced yoga throughout the therapy to manage stress as it was building up due to hair loss and Neurotherapy in her feet. The fear of death was no less to deal with since even the doctors had admitted that there was no cure.

The love and support of her family was like a glowing lamp in darkness, which helped her pass through this phase of her life. Also, reading spiritual books and faith in God kept her strong and motivated.
Today she is more self-aware. She says “My level of self-awareness medically and spiritually has increased by leaps and bounds”.

However, she often finds herself mentally preoccupied with the alternative solutions to her quest against cancer.
Although Cancer has taken away the carefree attitude from Mrs. Mehta, it has given her life a new direction.
She has discovered her love for nature and has become much more peaceful.
Small things make her happy and she has learnt to be grateful for everything.

It’s true that the best lessons can be learnt from the worst situations.
Mrs. Mehta has started believing in the unknown and feels closer to God.
She doesn’t feel the need to judge people instead she wishes to help those who are going through the same condition.

Mrs. Vandana Mehta, through her struggle has shown how positively, affectionately and spiritually a person can overcome any obstacle in life.

Your motivation and positive outlook is sure an inspiration to many, you are a true YODDHA...

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Author - Vaibhavi Kardale
Engineering student at VIT,Pune.Yoddhas Ambassador at Yoddhas - Indians Fighting Against Cancer

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why regular check-ups are the worst things to do in life!

1. Why prevent when you can cure , right?
Image result for prevention is better than cure

How does that sound?

2. Why pay for a health check-up now , when you can afford the hospital bill later?

Image result for cut costs

3. Health check-up takes up too much of your time.

Image result for why health check ups are not important

Even it comes with a proper schedule?

4. What could possibly happen to my teeth , I brush twice everyday.

You sure you got all this right?

5. You always stick to a healthy diet , how could you fall sick?

Seems quite plausible , doesn't it?

That's that folks! I hope by now you're able to take the sides and decide for yourself : whether or not you would go for regular health check-ups.  This is a very important decision for you and your loved ones around. So no more excuses. Get your health check-up schedule today!
                                                              Image result for health check up

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Author - Khushi Agarwal.
Yoddhas Ambassador at Yoddhas - Indians Fighting Against Cancer 

Friday, July 17, 2015

Ability in Diversity 

Blessed with different characteristics, but not any different from YOU.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “disabled”? What kind of people would fit in your definition? To the unaware, a disabled person is someone who has physical or mental limitations when it comes to certain kinds of activities. Every person in the human race has certain limitations but for most of us it is negligible.

I was one among the unaware until I visited a place called “Dialogue in the Dark”. 
Experiencing the life of a visually challenged person is not just about taking a few steps in a dark room or being blindfolded for a while. As the name 'Dialogue in the Dark' suggests, we were taken into a pitch black room and were asked to complete certain activities only using senses such as the ears, nose, tongue and skin. The men who guided us in the dark room were affable and helped us stimulate our senses to perceive what was in the dark. Imagine our shock when we learnt that the men who were leading us and helping us complete our activities were all visually challenged! With their help, the tasks seemed easy and our experience in the dark room was exciting rather than terrifying or depressing. 

It would have been difficult to figure out how to perform those tasks without their guidance. Before we knew that our helpers were visually impaired themselves, we were having a good time performing our tasks with their help and were beginning to feel hints of sympathy for the visually challenged.

Had I known the truth before I entered the room, would my experience be any different? Certainly yes! 

Firstly, I wouldn’t have trusted the man leading me in a dark room knowing that he is visually challenged. The irony is that in reality we wouldn't have been able to confidently move one step in the dark without assistance. I was dumbfounded by their unparalleled ability to hear the slightest thud and sense our movements even  if someone fell out of line as though they are wearing night vision goggles.

Secondly, our bond would have developed differently. I would have automatically pitied them before realizing their capability. 

This got me thinking about our so-called differences. Why do I even feel pity for these guys? It was a slap in the face when I realised that they are no different from us except for the fact that they cannot perceive light and they cannot see colours but they use combination of other stimuli to visualize things.

It is not god’s gift or special superpowers lying within a visually challenged person to develop their other senses. These are the acquired skills by disabled people. Science teaches us that there are five senses which are distributed along different parts of the brain for every human being. The sense of sight is located at the base of the brain and once it gets impaired, more blood flows through other parts of the brain and hence it gets sharper. So they make most of the nerves which sense sound, touch and smell. These nerves reach a heightened state when you use them more often.

The only difference between you and an impaired person is that they have sharpened their other skills and you have not yet. The problem with them is not what they cannot do. The problem in fact, is that we see them differently and make it difficult for them to fit in.

A wise man once said “the social issue must not be focused on collecting the funds to empower them or spread awareness on their disability but it must be focused on the ability of 
the society to perceive them as our equal and support them to fit in our society.”

Very true!

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Author - Pranati Guda

Yoddhas Ambassador at Yoddhas - Indians Fighting Against 


Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Doctors are often considered next to God . It can be rightly presumed that this profession comes with its own extra share of stress, responsibility and pressure. However, a dash of humour here and there can be the perfect remedy to lighten up the mood and cheer up patients.

Here are some of the funniest things our beloved doctors have said, either mistakenly or because they have an awesome sense of humour! 

1. “The patient was discharged from the hospital feeling much better except for her original complaints.Still wonder why she was feeling “much better”!

2. “Nothing to worry about it’s just the first heart attack.” - So should I be expecting a dozen more?

3. “Your diet can consist of anything as long as it follows the diet chart provided and has the sufficient amount of vitamins prescribed.” – In other words follow the diet prescribed for you!

4. “Your 12 month old son is not speaking in full words, I would advise you to take him to a speech therapist.” - He is just about a year, many years ahead of him to perfect his speech.

5. “The patient is tearful, sad and constantly crying and also seems to be depressed.” - What other signs of depression do we know of?

6.  “That’s an easy solution Sir, let’s get your kidney operated out and see if that helps or not.”- This is my kidney and I’m not an experimental project.

7. “Just six months of bed rest and then you are good to go.” - 'Just' six months?!?

8. “Maybe you should feed your child some carrot cake so that he eats his share of vegetables. Also try grape jelly for his quota for fruits.” – That makes ketchup equivalent to vegetables too!

9. “People die from vaccines everyday but I still strongly recommend you to get your child vaccinated as soon as possible.” – So you helping or scaring me?

10. “Looking forward to meeting you again tomorrow.” – This maybe said in a friendly note on the doctor’s part but it’s pretty dreadful for the patients!

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Author - Ayantika Dey,

Yoddhas Ambassador at Yoddhas - Indians Fighting Against 


Thursday, July 9, 2015


1. You don't floss


While the exact reason is unknown, there is a strong link between gum disease and heart disease, Dr. Ostfeld says. If you don’t floss, sticky, bacteria-laden plaque build up over
time, which can lead to gum disease. One theory is that these bacteria trigger inflammation in the body.

2.You withdraw from the world

It's no secret that on some days, other human beings can seem annoying, irritating, and just plain difficult to get along with. However, it makes sense to strengthen your connections to
the ones you actually like. People with stronger connections to family, friends, and society in general tend to live longer,
healthier lives.

3.  'Weekend Warrior Syndrome'- you’re either all or nothing 

“I see so many people in their 40s and 50s dive into exercising with good intentions, hurt themselves, and then stop exercising all together,” says Judith S. Hochman, MD, director of the Cardiovascular Clinical Research Center at NYU’s Langone Medical Center.

4. You drink too much

Sure, studies suggest a small amount of alcohol may be good for your heart. Alas, too many over-imbibe. Excess alcohol is linked to a greater risk of high blood pressure, high levels of blood fats, and heart failure. In addition, the extra calories can lead to weight gain, a threat
to heart health.

5. You eat too much

Being overweight is a major risk factor for heart disease, and 72% of men and 64% of women in the U.S are overweight or obese. Try to eat less, avoid oversize portions, and replace sugary
drinks with water. Dr. Reynolds and Dr. Hochman also suggest cutting portion sizes for high-calorie carbohydrates (think refined pastas and breads) and watching out for foods labeled “low-fat,” which are often high in calories.

6. You assume you're not at risk

Cardiovascular disease—including stroke, heart disease, and heart failure—claims more lives in the United States than any other illness, including cancer. "Don't assume you're not at risk," says Dr. Ostfeld. High blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, being overweight, and smoking are all risk factors that should be kept in check.

7. You overdose on red meat

It’s best to think of red meat as an occasional treat rather than the foundation of a daily diet. Red meat is high in saturated fat, and there’s also evidence that processed meat, such as bacon and hot dogs, increases your risk of cardiovascular disease and colorectal cancer. Ideally, less
than 10% of your diet should come from animals and animal products, Dr. Ostfeld advises.

8. You're a health procrastinator.

Check in with an MD so that you know your numbers for cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar. If these are elevated, you're at risk for silent killers like heart
disease, stroke, and diabetes.

9. You smoke or live with a smoker

Sure, you've heard it a million times before: Don't smoke. But it bears repeating."Smoking is a total disaster for your heart," says Dr. Ostfeld. Smoking promotes blood clots, which can block blood flow to the heart, and contributes to plaque buildup in the arteries. It's also a smart bomb aimed at everyone around you, Dr. Ostfeld says. In fact, about 46,000 nonsmokers who live with a smoker die from heart disease each year because of secondhand smoke.

10. You stop or skip important meds

Let's be honest: Taking pills is a pain. There can be side effects. And it's easy to forget your meds, especially if you feel fine. "High blood pressure is called the silent killer because you don't feel it," Dr. Ostfeld says. "Saying you feel fine is not a  justification for stopping these pills."

Hope you take time and think about the aforementioned issues seriously to protect your and your loved ones health.

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Author - Vishi Gupta.