Sunday, May 31, 2015

5 most common misconceptions about Coffee

The most common misconception: Anything this good has to be bad.
But here's the facts you've gotta know about the delicious cup of coffee you have everyday!

 1. Coffee is the largest tasty source of antioxidants.

                   Honestly , if you ask me to choose between a cup of frappuccino and a bowl of fruit sald , I'd never in a million years...deny Coffee!

2. Coffee can help retain memory.

Coffee temporarily enhances memory and focus.Now you know how the girl in your college stands first.

3. Coffee causes weight gain/ has a high amount of calories. 

          Say  Yayy cause this one is false! Coffee does not cause in weight gain , rather aids in weight loss. Also the high calories part depends on how to like to take it. No cream=no calories.

4. Caffeine causes Insomnia.

Caffeine gets absorbed quickly , it takes about five to seven hours to eliminate half of it from the body, and by 10 hours, 75 percent of it is gone. Drinking two cups of coffee in the morning won’t interfere with a good night’s sleep. Cheers if you're a sleepyhead like me!

5. Coffee does cause cancer , high blood pressure or any disease.

Never been good at Biology. But I know this much that it is the wicked, old myths that turns this bitter-sweet caffeinated  fellow into a evil villain. No way. Coffee For the Win!

6.Too much coffee may increase the risk of death:   
The Harvard School of Public Health has found no correlation between coffee consumption and an increased risk of death. 

If something still bothers you while having coffee , remember :

Coffee berries grow on trees and coffee is brewed out from the berries.
Hence coffee is a kind of salad as simple as that!

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Author - Khushi Agarwal, 
Yoddhas Ambassador at Yoddhas - Indians Fighting Against Cancer 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015


At an age when love is in the air and class 12 board exams around the corner, no one really wants to do much apart from study, binge-eat on tasty food to beat the stress and steal time to talk to their respective love interests (or stalk them on Facebook). Obviously, there is no time for anything else!

Ruchi Gokhale is a feisty teenager with a great love for street food and dreams of a fabulous future. The only difference between her and the other aforementioned teenagers was that Ruchi had another, much deeper matter of concern on her mind- “How long until this cancer goes away?”

Ruchi’s cancer diagnosis stunned her because she wasn’t the kind who was prone to falling sick- she was always the bubbly girl bursting with energy. This ray of sunshine was not one to let cancer take away who she was as a person- one of her major worries was that she wouldn’t be allowed to relish her favourite street food anymore and of course, that her beautiful hair would fall out.

However, Ruchi’s mother was not one to let her daughter despair over the loss of her hair. She donated her hair and stood strong by her daughter.


 Ruchi, a true yoddha, a fighter has two amazing things to share from her experience.

-If you have Cancer, let Cancer not have you!
-Like every other thing in this world, Cancer will pass too!

This brave Yoddha followed and still believes and preaches the mantra of never giving up on life.

On her experience with Yoddhas-Indians Fighting Cancer, Ruchi said, "When I first came to know about my cancer, I quickly hopped on to the internet to find some cancer stories or other people who are going through the same ordeal. I couldn't find any Indian communities so I had to start my own channel. I wish I knew about Yoddhas.  Yoddhas is a great initiative by Rahul Yadav. Here we discuss about everything....from doctors to hospitals to various other treatments. It is really helping so many people within India. I'm proud to be part of it."

Ruchi was diagnosed with Stage 1 Hodgkins Lymphoma just before her  12th board exams. She was cured a few months later but she relapsed in 2013 with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Post a stem cell transplant, she has recovered completely and today she is a budding YouTube star. To know more about her, follow her at:

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Written by: Shatakshi Tripathi

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Urgent - Cure for Blood Cancer Found..

We often get messages which talk about cure for cancer being found.. It really gives a ray of hope to all fighting only to realise that its a fake message. 

Message advises recipients that "Imitinef Mercilet", a medicine that cures blood cancer, is available free of charge from the Adyar Cancer Institute in Chennai, India. 

Brief AnalysisThe Adyar Cancer Institute is a real health facility. "Imitinef Mercilet" is apparently an alternative spelling of the cancer drug, Imatinib mesylate. It is true that Imatinib (or "Imitinef") is available free of charge for patients who have been admitted to the Adyar Cancer Institute hospital for cancer treatment. However, the Institute is not handing out the drug freely to all as suggested in the message. Moreover, the drug does not actually cure all blood cancers as claimed in the message. 
Detailed analysis and references below example.

Subject: Free Medicine for Blood Cancer!!!! Please don't delete this without forwarding
Dear all,
I have forwarded it to the maximum I can.
Let it reach the 110 crores Indians and the remaining if any.
Put yourself, if you or your brother or sister or your mom and dad or any x, y, z near you, got affected, then how u would have reacted, think it, Forward it.
'Imitinef Mercilet' is a medicine which cures blood cancer. Its available free of cost at "Adyar Cancer Institute in Chennai". Create Awareness. It might help someone.
Forward to as many as u can, kindness cost nothing.

Detailed Analysis
According to this message, India's Adyar Cancer Institute is distributing, free of charge, a medicine named 'Imitinef Mercilet' that cures blood cancer. The message is circulating rapidly via email and is also making its way around the Internet via blogs, forums and social networking websites.
The Adyar Cancer Institute is a real health facility located in the city of Chennai, India and, as its name implies, it indeed specializes in cancer treatment and research. The Adyar Cancer Institute has achieved great results in the treatment and research of cancer since its establishment in 1954.
I contacted a spokesperson at the Adyar Cancer Institute to ask about the veracity of the message. He sent me the following reply:
Only the Part of this message is true. The medicine Imitinef is available free for only qualified persons and not for all. It is free for those who have admitted in the hospital for treatment.'Imitinef Mercilet' is apparently an alternative spelling of the drug Imatinib mesylate which is used in the treatment of some forms of leukemia along with other types of cancer for eg CML. Imatinib, often referred to a "Gleevec", has proved to be an effective treatment for some forms of cancers. However, "blood cancer" is a generalized term for cancers that affect the blood, lymphatic system or bone marrow. The three types of blood cancer are listed as leukemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. These three malignancies require quite different kinds of treatments. While drugs (including Imatinib), along with other treatments such as radiation can help to slow or even stop the progress of these cancers, there is currently no single drug treatment that can be said to actually cure all such cancers.
Moreover, it should be noted that Imatinib is available for cancer patients in many different health facilities around the world, not just the Adyar Cancer Institute.

Update - A similar message is now a days being sent by a Pune hospital with Pratco's name. That is the same message and its the same thing. 


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Rahul Yadav
Blood Cancer Fighter,
Founder Yoddhas 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cancer - Financial Support and Insurance Policies

Someone you love has just been diagnosed with CANCER- what next? Treatment- Yes!

Most of you will agree with me that the word "treatment" is now synonymous with a big fat expense. Recently, I watched this movie on cancer- which clearly defines cancer as a billion dollar industry. Most of us know the result but that doesn't stop us from trying. 

I wouldn't deny that in desperation, one will do anything to save their loved ones 
(sincere confession- I did everything myself, from Allopathy to Homeopathy to Ayurveda and what not, I did everything that gave me a ray hope, even if it meant few hours of life for my father). But actually most of the time, the attempts are futile and we end up loosing a lot- by the time the battle comes to  an end, we are physically, emotionally and financially drained. 

Sometimes financial stress, leads to dire consequences- people not taking treatment or ending their life long before the time actually arrives.

I feel blessed, that when papa was diagnosed with cancer- I din't have to think about financial expenses but many people are not fortunate enough. Many are not aware that there are actually Non profit organizations(NGOs) offering financial help. Some insurance companies offer cancer- related insurance policies. 

So I thought, of making a list where people can get information at one place.

Financial Support

Following is the list where people can get financial assistance
  • PM National Relief fund - Rs.3 lac
  • Chief Minister Relief Fund (of the State) 
  • Sir Dorabji Tata Trust- Rs.1-2 lac
  • National Health Ministry at least Rs.1 lakhs & Max up to 10 lac provided your annual income is not more than 1 lac. 
  • Ratan Tata Trust ,Mumbai- Rs.4 lac
  • Indian Cancer society near TMH Rs 4 lac provided 100 % bone marrow match otherwise Rs.15 k. 
  • Salman khan' s foundation Rs.10k - every monday morning
  • Tata Chem Golden Jublie foundation Rs. 20 k. 
  • Siddhivinayak Temple Rs.25 k
  • Mahalaskhmi Temple Rs.10k 
  • Tata Memorial Center doctors Rs.5 Lac
  • Hans Foundation
  • Reliance Foundation
Insurance Schemes

Cancer Patients Aid Association 

CPAA, In 1994 introduced the Cancer Insurance Policy in collaboration with New India Assurance Company. The policy is available to any healthy individual who have never had cancer in the past. Individual wishing to take this policy  have to undergo a compulsory free check up at one of the designated CPAA’s Cancer Detection Centers. 

The Checkup
  1. A Physician, a General Surgeon, a Gynaecologist and an E.N.T. Surgeon will screen them. 
  2. Basic blood tests
  3. Pap smear test (for women) 
Life Insurance Corporation – Asha Deep Policy-2 

This  policy covers the risk of 4 major ailments 
  1. Cancer (malignant)
  2. Paralytic stroke resulting in permanent disability 
  3. Renal failure of both kidneys 
  4. Coronary artery diseases where by pass surgery has been done
Indian Cancer Society 

Indian Cancer society also offers Cancer Insurance Policy with New India Insurance

ICICI : Critical Care Insurance Critical Care

Protects you or your spouse against loss of income on diagnosis of any of the 9 major medical illnesses and procedures. 

Illness covered
  1. Cancer
  2. Bypass Surgery 
  3. Heart Attack
  4. Kidney Failure 
  5. Major Organ Transplant 
  6. Stroke
  7. Paralysis
  8. Heart Valve Replacement Surgery 
  9. Multiple Sclerosis
Critical Care Insurance also provides cover against accidental death and permanent total disablement (PTD).

Kidwai Cancer Care Foundation Trust- Bangalore

Along with Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology has introduced the Cancer Insurance Scheme known as  'CAT' - Care Against Tumor (lifetime).

Anyone is eligible for this insurance coverage on a one-time payment of Rs 1000. 

The trust is committed to provide treatment up to Rs 1,00,000. 

This treatment also includes diagnostic investigations and management of disease, including ward charges in a semi-private ward.

Love you, Papa!

Author: Jyotsna Verma

A daughter to a brave Yoddha and now a supporter to all fighting against Cancer. We at Team Yoddhas thank you for your constant support.
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