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Lung cancer goes hand in hand with excessive air pollution and unhealthy habits like smoking. 


Following are some of the symptoms of lung cancer which can be detected at an early stage and become severe as the stage advances:

1. COUGHING: Persistent and continuous coughing along with some pain.

2. COUGHING UP BLOOD: Presence of blood in coughs or rust colored spit or phlegm.
3. BREATHING DIFFICULTIES: Signs like shortness of breath, wheezing or noisy and laboured breathing

4. FATIGUE: Excessive tiredness or lack of energy and feeling of weakness. In advance stages, it can also take the form of headaches, dizziness or weakness or numbness in limbs.

5.  RECURRING INFECTIONS: Recurrent lung infections like bronchitis and pneumonia. Jaundice can also be a symptom.

6. LUMPS: They can be present in neck or collar bone region.

7. LOSS OF APPETITE: Lack of nutrition intake as well as unintended weight loss
8. SWELLING OF BODY: Especially of face, legs and neck. There can also be feeling of pain in bones as well as chest.

9. VOICE CHANGE: It becomes hoarser or harsher.

10. NEUROLOGICAL  SYMPTOMS: These include unsteady gaiety and memory loss.


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Author- Diksha Kakkar
(Yoddhas Ambassador)


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