Sunday, April 27, 2014

Caregiver - The unsung Hero of every Cancer Batttle

Nobody should fight cancer alone. Everyone deserves a loving caregiver. In the midst of ones life’s biggest battle, one needs an advocate, a rock, and a safe harbor. 

Caregiver (Hindi - देख रेख करने वाला)
(definition on wiki) :- Is an unpaid or paid relative or friend of a disabled individual who helps that individual with his or her activities of daily living. Though in India it simply becomes the closest relative.  

People often talk about the fighter fighting the disease but the caregiver goes through much more as he / she needs to be the strongest at all times. He/she truely is the Unsung Hero of every Cancer battle.

Caregiving is not just hand-holding, it is hard work and it’s okay to cry, being sad is fine at times. But on the other hand let yourself be happy, look into a support group via the cancer center. Connect here on our site and discuss with other caregivers what they are doing. 

Cancer and its treatments are havoc upon the human body. Your cancer warrior needs every bit of your attention as he or she would have mood swings, pains, restlessness, loneliness etc. You must focus on the task to complete the mission and get the fighter to fight and sail through.

You’ll be scared, a lot. You will be in doctors’ offices and clinics and hospitals. You’ll see too many very sick people. Do not let negative thought come in your mind. You need to remain calm  and firm. You need to learn to ask a lot of questions. If you don’t understand something, ask again and again if need be. You and your loved one need and deserve to know exactly what the team has in mind. 

Knowledge is the antidote to fear. You as the caregiver are the key link between what your loved one feels and thinks, but may not be able to say at the time to the doctor’s and the team. Also you would be expected to almost become half doctor. You would be expected to have an understating of the medicines etc.

You are surrounded by people who want to help, but have no idea, none, of what needs to be done, so ask for help when required. No one set of caregiver guidelines is correct. You know your own circumstances better than anyone. When in doubt, listen to yourself, give yourself permission to trust in your judgment. You are smart and capable and worthy of this great thing.

Most importantly, when you are with your loved one, listen with all your heart. Your cancer warrior needs you, needs you weak, strong, your wisdom and your touch. Regardless of how this cancer journey turns out, you exit at the other end a person of greater wisdom, compassion, and heart. 

Do not lose hope at any point of time and don’t let any negative thought weaken you and people around you. You must have faith at all times. Remember, there will be days that will bring bad news, you must be ready to handle it well for yourself and your warrior and keep the smiles on, always..

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