Monday, April 14, 2014

Yoddhas - What are we

This is a blog site to the support group called - Yoddhas.

This group is a support group for cancer patients in India. We would be posting health related articles here. 

Lets support the brave Indians fighting Against Cancer. 

Join-in. Lets spread awareness and support each other.


This is a promotional page for the group below for patients etc
Facebook page Yoddhas

If you know anybody dealing with Cancer (directly or indirectly), help them by suggesting them there. Visit our website


To be the trusted source of information and support for anybody dealing with Cancer in India.


  1. To connect and help :- patients/caregivers/ doctors/ people who want to help and live healthy. 
  2. Explore and discuss the best hospitals/ treatment regimes/ food / exercises/ alternatives etc for Indians.
  3. To promote awareness about Stem Cell Donorship (its basically donating blood only). Lot of Indians die because they could not find a suitable donor.


Actually there a lot of sites, NGOs in India and doing a great job but whats missing is the support community. Outside India one has a great deal of groups like this but this is missing here. We need to help each other. In India the fight against Cancer is a battle fought alone. Lets change that. The awareness is still very  low.


1. This initiate is purely NON PROFIT.

2. Do not try and sell anything here.

3. All we need is support and not pity.


  1. A well meaning Site for the Patients & Support

  2. A very good initiative to support cancer ptients

  3. Sir
    I am imran from Mount abu
    My father is suffering from cancer.
    I want to consult Dr. Yeshi
    How can i get token for him.
    Please help or guide me.